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Space to hesitate - basic human space...

Graduation show installation
Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag
06.30.2017 – 07.06.2017

We construct our spatial environment by reading it physically and cognitively. Emptyful constructs space as perceived, magnifying this phenomenon and celebrating space as an event. Space redesigns itself with each encounter and cannot be fully grasped. Therefore it is hesitant. Hesitant as a concept embodies various possibilities, confronts with opportunities, yet stays neutral. It could be everything, but essentially it is nothing. It is inconspicuous and not about itself. People are central to this hesitant reality. It provides room for improvisation, nonchalance and makes oneself at ease with space - in control and appreciated.

The installation itself is site specific. It is a representation of the expo space as perceived with its cell beton elements layered and condensed. They form a hesitant structure, in a consequence, hesitant space – to coincide with perception. Originally subordinate expo elements gain new meaning becoming objects on their own, whereas the visitors turn into exhibits. The installation is aiming to create ambient hesitation.

Physical hesitation is transformed into physical objects and space. They are out of balance with the body. Elements are too low or too high or unsupportive or confronting, therefore triggering hesitant movement. Materiality is hesitant as the projection is letting visitor perceive the material in all possible ways simultaneously – zoomed in/out, focused/unfocused.

Cognitive hesitation is represented by the movie. Encounter resets the course of events in space by making random but not choices. The movie has neither beginning nor an end. It just goes on and on as long as there is a viewer.

Sound pushes the visitor off balance more as it is deceptive suggesting actions moving through space. Time becomes hesitant as those sounds are actually recordings from the past events in that space. Structure has also unresolved gravity and scale feeling. So basically there have no decision been made whatsoever, everything is hesitant, so what am I talking about?

None of the functions is embedded in the structure. Encounters project their own desires and needs onto it and find their own temporary comfort. It is very similar to nature. It is very rewarding to drink from the source, but once thirst is appeased it becomes uncomfortable and you move on.

Photographs by Anna Charalampidi and Diana Gheorghiu

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concept maquette

floor plan


material transition projection