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Mechanism House

The house is made with a purpose – to function as such. Thus, in relation to function, efficiency is the key criteria to evaluate its qualities. Man - made manifestation of efficiency is a mechanism both as a unit and its elements, which are the functions embodied. The same way the ‘Mechanism’ house is formed. The shapes it is made of are the direct outcome of the functions and materials involved. As a container of functions, the house is not a container of objects of any sort, it is a unity of elements, flowing into one another as it happens in the mechanism. Elements carrying different functions merge made of the same substance.

In such a continuous space a casual distinction between objects and ‘in between’ space vanishes. Instead, elements obtain “pre-elements” to signify their existence before being actually approached. Taking their origin from the same substance those “pre-elements” are as significant as the elements themselves. Therefore, empty or connecting elements are as valuable as the ones bearing distinguished functions. The elements, which make up the house are grouped according to their functions into 3 complex elements of different materials such as wood, metal and textile. Those 3 shapes as well as their basic elements are tailor-made accordingly to their functions and material properties, then puzzled together in order to provide both utilitarian and sensual experiences desired in certain spaces.

The house is based on a pattern or structure. The logic incorporated here is of a fractal. Starting with the 3 major elements of the house, I continue dividing and multiplying those by 3 to generate all the other elements.


location map

floor plan



exterior view

interior view